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Are my items scanned by you or do you ship them out of the state or country like some other businesses do?

We do all of our work in our home office location.  If for some reason we need to work with one of our local vendors, we’ll contact you first to make sure it’s okay.

Are you able to scan a single negative that’s been cut from the strip?

Yes, we can scan a single negative using either the Nikon 5000 slide scanner or the Epson 4990 flatbed scanner.

Can you scan photo albums?

Yes, we can scan photo albums.  Due to the additional labor required, we apply an additional charge of $0.20 per image.

Can I edit my playable DVD’s?
No, you cannot.  All playable DVD’s are meant for viewing on a DVD player like a commercial DVD you would purchase in the store or rent.  If you would like to edit your footage, you’ll need uncompressed editable footage in the MOV or AVI format.

Why does my external hard-drive need to be NTFS and not FAT 32? FAT 32 has a size limitation of 4 GB where NTFS does not.  Since AVI/QT files are 13 gb per hour of footage, we need the external drive to be NTFS b/c that file format allows for files over 4GB to be placed on the HD in one chunk.  

How much video fits on a playable DVD?  We can put two hours of video footage onto a playable DVD.

Will my DVD be compatible with my DVD player?  Yes, your DVD's should play just fine in your DVD player.  However, if your DVD player is older than about 7 years (bought in about 2006 or prior), you may have some difficulty.

Can I combine my videotapes to one DVD?
Yes, you can combine tapes to minimize the total number of DVD’s. The total amount of footage cannot exceed 2 hours per playable DVD.

Do you offer any type of discounts?
Yes, we offer a 10% discount for all teachers, schools, churches, non-profit organizations, active and non-active duty military, veterans, firefighters and police officers.

Are you able to scan glass slides or slides mounted in glass?
Yes, we are able to scan glass mounted and glass slides to digital.

My slides are in carousels; are you still able to scan them?
Yes, we’ll take out the individual slides out and put back in the same place after scanning for no additional fee.

Can I supply a thumb drive for my final images?
Yes, we can put your images on a thumb drive at the completion of the project.

Are the images the same if they go on a CD and a DVD?
Yes, all the images are the same no matter what type of output is used for storing the digital images.

Do I need Digital Ice?  
It’s optional: Digital Ice is a feature that will help remove dust or scratches from the digital output.  Digital Ice works on color negatives and color slides, but does not work on black and white negatives or slides.

If I have photos and negatives of the same images, which one would yield the best result?
Negatives are much higher quality and will give a much better result compared to a photo. Also, negatives are easier to keep in sequence since since they are in order on the strip.

I want to have photo restoration done, do I need to mail you the physical photograph, or can I e-mail you a copy of it that I have?
In most cases, we’ll need the original so we can scan it to an high resolution uncompressed TIFF file.  If your image file is at least 600 PPI TIFF, emailing it should be just fine.

How much with the photo restoration cost me?
It’s difficult for us to give an estimate without seeing the physical image, but many times we can give an estimate by talking to you over the phone about the image, or seeing a low resolution picture that you can take with your phone and email over.  Click here for examples of levels of restoration.

How is the photo restoration done? Do you physically repair photograph?
We do not restore the physical photograph.  We scan the original photograph and use digital imaging software like Photoshop to repair it digitally.  You will receive 1 free print of your restored photo with at least 1 hour of restoration time.

Are you able to do restoration on images that have fire or water damage?
In most cases we are able to restore photographs that have fire and water damage, but until we see the physical image, we can’t say for sure. Email us what you have and we’ll take a look.

Can I have video added to my DVD video slideshow?
Yes, we can add video, audio, still images or any other type of digital media to a DVD slideshow.  The only limit is the 2 hour maximum capacity for the DVD.

What does DPI and PPI mean?
DPI stands for dots per inch and PPI stands for pixels per inch.  They both refer to the amount of information in an image.  For screen-use only, fewer dots or pixels are needed.  For print, the more, the better.  Click here for more information.

If I only want select frames on negatives strips to be scanned, is that okay?
Yes, as long as you clearly mark the frames you want scanned to digital.  If you have more than twenty individual frames being scanned on separate strips then we will apply a $0.20 fee per image.

What type of negatives and slides to you scan to digital?
35mm Slides, 110 format slides, 110 format slides, 35mm Super Slides, 127 Format slides, 3D Stereo Slides, 126 Format Slide, Large Format negatives, medium format negatives, 110 format negative, 35mm negative, 126 format negative.

What is the default file format for the final images?
By default, all images are saved as JPEG files, but if you would like 8 bit or 16 bit TIFF files then that is possible for an additional fee.

I want to get a DVD video slideshow done, but how do I know it will look how I want it to look?
Prior to working on the DVD video slideshow, we’ll talk with you about it in depth.  The photos, titles and music that you provide will create the vibe and we’ll make sure it seamlessly tells the story you’re telling.  Prior to burning the final DVD, we’ll upload one draft of the slideshow for your review.

Do you keep my materials?  
No, we do not keep your original materials.  Everything you give us will be returned unless you ask us to dispose of it. If you would like us to discard your old video tapes, films, or audio.

Do you keep a copy of my transferred materials?
We’ll keep your transferred materials in our system for 60 days after your order is complete, just in case you need additional copies.  After 60 days, we will delete your materials completely.

I have a PAL video that I want converted to a playable DVD; is that possible and will it play on a PAL DVD player?
Yes, we can transfer a Pal video to a region-free DVD.  We create our final DVD’s using Adobe Encore which has the capabilities of finalizing the disc region free.

Can I make a copy of the DVD you give me when the project is complete?
Yes, you can make copies of the final DVD, CD, and DVD-ROMs. We do not copy-protect the discs in any way.

Do you transfer adult content?
Yes, we transfer all types of video, motion film and still images. As long as no law is being broken, we can transfer it.

What video formats do you transfer to digital?

We are able to transfer VHS, SVHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, HDV, Betamax, Hi8 tape, Regular 8, 8mm, DVCAM, PAL and SECAM tapes.

What type of film are you able to transfer to digital?
We are able to transfer 16mm silent film, 16mm sound film, Super 8 sound film, Super 8 silent film, and 8mm film.

Is my film cleaned prior to the transfer to digital?
Yes, we clean and inspect all of the film we transfer. Not only is it good for your film, but it helps keep our equipment in good working condition.

Do you transfer my film by projecting it on the wall and recording it to a camera?
No, we use Movie Stuff’s Sniper HD units which allows us to capture your film frame by frame through it enlarged gate and into our computer.

Are you able to transfer my film into standard definition and high definition (HD) (SD)?
Yes, we offer both SD and HD options.  If you want HD footage for viewing on a TV then it will need to be burned onto a Blu-Ray disc which is a $20 additional fee.

How long does it take?  
Depending on the size of the project, our normal turnaround time is about one week from the time we receive your order.  If you have a large order or short time frame, please bring this to our attention.

Do you do pick up and delivery?
Yes, we do pick up and delivery in the SF Bay Area depending on the size and location of the pick-up.  See the pick-up area map here.

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